Gayle Adams honoured with Life Membership of the CRVA

At the CRVA general meeting on 27th October, Gayle Adams was conferred with Life Membership of the CRVA in acknowlegement of her extensive contributions to the CRVA and the Cooks River Valley community.
Gayle Adams receiving her Life Membership Award from John Butcher, President (left) & Peter Munro, vice-president (right).

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Gayle Adams contributions1


CRVA Annual Report 2014-15

The CRVA has just concluded another successful year. The many achievements, the ongoing goals of the Association and a celebration of action along the Cooks River are detailed in the Annual Report. Click on the link below to read the Annual Report.


Congratulations to John Butcher (President) and the other executive members for all of their drive, passion and hard work over the past 12 months. Also a warm welcome to the newly elected executive for 2015-16 – John Butcher (President), Peter Munro (Vice-president), Jennifer Newman (Secretary), Chris Shanley (Treasurer), Ann Leahy (Publicity Officer), Julie Corkery & Nadia Wheatley (Executive Committee Members).

Container Deposit action needed NOW!!


Ian Kiernan with the Tossers


Ian Kiernan & Jeff Angel with the action group

Ianwith CRVAbanner

Ian Kiernan with the CRVA and Mudcrabs

There was more action down on the River on 19 May 2014. Ian Kiernan (Clean Up Australia) & Jeff Angel (Total Environment Centre & Boomerang Alliance) joined with the Mudcrabs, The Tossers, The CRVA and other community members to demand an immediate introduction of a National Container Deposit Scheme.

The event made the front page of the local newspaper (The Torch)

Bottles are choking our River

On Sunday 2nd March, the Mudcrabs removed between 3,000 and 4,000 bottles from the Cooks River as part of Clean Up Australia Day. The Tossers will take many of these bottles into Parliament House on Tuesday to impress upon Barry O’Farrell & the State Parliament that we want a Container Deposit Scheme in NSW.

These are some of Ranjith’s Evas’ photos of the “Mountain of Bottles”





Mudcrabs begin work at Wave Rock

The Mudcrabs began work on their new Wave Rock revegetation site today.

This is a join venture between the Mudcrabs, Marrickville Council & Marrickville Golf Course, to increase the native vegetation in the Golf Course, particularly near the River and to increase biodiversity & natural habitat.

A big thank you to Marrickville Council, who is providing the funding for this project.mgc 178 mgc 180

CRVA pleased to see open space retained in Earlwood

The President of the CRVA, John Butcher, recently made representation to Canterbury City Council, to retain a parcel of land in Pine Ave, Earlwood as open space. There was a motion before Council to have the land, which is adjacent to Gough Whitlam Park, rezoned to residential.

Congratulations to Canterbury City Council and John Butcher, for retaining open space along the Cooks River riparian zone.  See report in current Valley Times newspaper by clicking here – GWPark