The Cooks River Valley Association is always looking for helping hands and would welcome any involvement or offer from individuals who care about the health of the Cooks River and its local communities.

But what is there to do?
Here are a few ways that you can GET INVOLVED with the CRVA:

1. Contact Us

We’d love to hear from you and discuss your thoughts on the Cooks River and what you can do to help. While you might not be particularly talented in measuring pH levels, you might be a fantastic songwriter, artist, athlete, filmmaker, etc- we’ll find a way that your incredible talents can go to good use. Email:


2. Share Us

We’re new to Facebook and Twitter, but we’re going to try to do this social media thing right. If you spot some pollution in the Cooks River, tweet about it, tweet at us, hashtag #CRVA, take a photo and put it on instagram. This kind of information is vital to our cause and you’ll help spread awareness about our mission.

3. Intern with Us

As previously mentioned, our Facebook and Twitter accounts are still very fresh. We’re looking for people who enjoy using social media and are capable at leading our online presence. Writing ‘status’, tweeting about the latest Cooks River news and helping update this new blog could be some of your responsibilities. Let us know if this sounds like something that interests you.

4. Mudcrab with Us

Feel like a more ‘hands on’ approach? Don’t mind getting a bit dirty for a good cause? Well the action arm of the CRVA, The Mudcrabs, would love to have you on board. There are plenty of dates to help with Bush Reconstruction and Regeneration and there are also General Clean-Ups to get involved with. The Mudcrabs have 7 bush regeneration sites along the river. These sites include native bush areas, wetlands, saltmarshes and small bush pockets. More info here.

Download the calendar of Mudcrabs events: Mudcrabs calendar January-June 2018

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