Click here to download the calendar of Mudcrabs events: Mudcrabs calendar January-June 2018

hmmmmThe CRVA is an incorporated association made up of caring local residents who are committed to rehabilitating the Cooks River and fostering community spirit within the Cooks River Valley. We work independently and with like-minded groups to facilitate natural resource management and to improve the quality of life and facilities in the local environment.

This short film gives an idea of the work of the CRVA (it’s from 2011 but still very relevant today).
Our objectives:

• To improve the health of the Cooks River, its water quality, the state of the riverbed and its flora and fauna.
• To improve the safety, attractiveness and amenity of open space in the Cooks River Valley.
• To increase the availability of accessible community resources in the Cooks River Valley.
• To increase community activities to connect local residents of all ages and from all social groups.

Events and activities

Members  participate in a variety of volunteer activities including:

  • Mudcrabs – foreshore litter cleanups and bush regeneration and reconstruction. Click here to download the calendar of Mudcrabs events: Mudcrabs calendar January-June 2018
  • Friends of Ewen Park – promotion of shared community use of Ewen Park & management of bush regeneration site in conjunction with Mudcrabs
  • Streamwatch – regular water quality testing and reporting
  • CooksEye – pollution reporting program: CooksEye Info Sheet V5

CRVA participates in many local festivals including Marrickville’s Sustainability and Arts Festival and the Cooks River Eco-Fest.

We also hold Cooks River Forums are also held to allow interested residents to discuss their concerns about the River and to learn from key Government and community bodies about strategies for its improvement.

The CRVA is a registered Landcare group.


All new members are welcome and can join by filling out the application form and mailing it to:
PO Box H150, Hurlstone Park NSW 2193.
Download Membership form
A $5 annual membership fee applies. Family/group & multiple year memberships are also available. Donations are always welcome. The membership year commences 1 January.
Email: info@crva.org.au


The CRVA has been an active community group for many years. The following reports summarise achievements over recent years:
Annual report 2016-17
Annual report 2015-16
Annual report 2014-15
Annual report 2013-14
Annual report 2012-13
Annual report 2011-12
Annual report 2010-11
Annual report 2009-10


We meet at 7pm on the 4th Tuesday of: February, April, June, August, October, November. All welcome.
Location: Canterbury/Hurlstone Park RSL Club.

Minutes of AGM August 2017
Minutes of general meeting following AGM August 2017
Minutes of CRVA Meeting February 2014
Notes on CRVA meeting with Linda Burney 2014
Minutes of CRVA meeting July 2014
Minutes of AGM August 2015
Minutes of AGM August 2016
Minutes of executive meeting September 2016
Minutes of general meeting October 2016
Minutes of general meeting 2017


The CRVA is an incorporated association with an executive comprising a President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Public Officer, Publicity Officer, Membership Officer and two committee members, elected at the Annual General Meeting in August.

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