Biodiversity in the Cooks on the rise?

Gavin says:

“On Friday 7 June at 10.04am I spotted a big slow-moving school of fish proceeding along the north bank of Cooks River, right beside the rock wall and about 100 metres upstream of the Canoe… Club. Most appeared to be about 200 – 250mm long and were completely unfazed by my presence looking down on them. Probably 200+ in the school. I later IDed them as Striped Catfish [Plotosus lineatus]. I’ve never seen them in Cooks River before (in fact can’t recall ever seeing them). Sydney appears to be about the southern limit of their range on the east coast.”

Have you seen them? Let us know. [GA]

Striped catfish in Cooks River

Striped catfish in Cooks River

Striped catfish shoal