Litter Boom – In Position and Working in the Cooks River

Litter Boom1

Congratulations to Canterbury Council for its great initiative of placing a ‘state of the art’ litter boom in the Cooks River. As can be seen in the above image, the boom appears to be full after just a few days of operation.

The boom has been position adjacent to Boat Harbour, near the Sugar Mill, just below Cup & Saucer Creek. It will be emptied by Sydney Water using a boat. It will be good to assess the difference the boom makes to the floating litter on the River.

Acknowledgement of Chris Bartlett’s contribution to Cooks River

A plaque acknowledging the significant contributions of Chris Bartlett to the rehabilitation and re-vegetation of the banks of Cooks River has been erected by Canterbury Council in Rosedale Reserve. This is the place where Chris began his work on the River and where the fledgling Mudcrabs first started to realize Chris’ dream of re-vegetating the banks of the Cooks River with indigenous plants. The plaque is fitting testimony to the vision of an inspirational man who will leave a permanent legacy on the Cooks River.

Vale Chris Bartlett


A BOOM for Cooks River!!!

There is some exciting news on the litter in the Cooks River front.

Canterbury Council, in conjunction with Sydney Water, are placing a floating litter boom across the River at Boat Harbour, Hurlstone Park.

Click on the link below for images & more information

This boom will catch and trap most of the litter coming down river. It will be emptied regularly by Sydney Water using a boat. It will be very interesting to see how much difference this makes to the blight of floating litter.

It also does not diminish the urgent need for a national Container Deposit Scheme, as nearly 8 billion plastic bottles go to landfill in Australia each year!!

Container Deposit action needed NOW!!


Ian Kiernan with the Tossers


Ian Kiernan & Jeff Angel with the action group

Ianwith CRVAbanner

Ian Kiernan with the CRVA and Mudcrabs

There was more action down on the River on 19 May 2014. Ian Kiernan (Clean Up Australia) & Jeff Angel (Total Environment Centre & Boomerang Alliance) joined with the Mudcrabs, The Tossers, The CRVA and other community members to demand an immediate introduction of a National Container Deposit Scheme.

The event made the front page of the local newspaper (The Torch)

Great local film related to the Cooks River

This short film was made as part of Project WOW (Walking On Water). Project WOW was devised by a group of residents living in Riverside Crescent sub-catchment in Marrickville. The Project was run in junction with Marrickville West Public School, with the support of Marrickville Council. The theme of the Project was We are all Cooks River People

Wave Rock site approaches one year

The Wave Rock bush reconstruction site, next to the Cooks River, in Marrickville Golf Course is almost one year old.

Here are some “before” photos taken about 11 months ago.




and here are some current photos taken this week.




Ann Leahy Interviewed on 2SER FM on the Cooks River

On Tuesday 25 March, Ann Leahy, the Water Quality Co-ordinator for the Cooks River Valley Association, was interviewed on radio 2SER FM about the effects of litter pollution & sewage pollution on the Cooks River.

You can hear Ann’s interview (4min 50 sec) by clicking on the link below.

Well done Ann in keeping the message out there about the health of the Cooks River.

Earth Hour – Candles on the River night


Saturday night 29th March is Earth Hour. The CRVA will be hosting another Candles on the River Night.

Click here to see Candles on the River poster

Earth Hour Flyer3

Bring along your picnic, blanket or chair, a torch and paper boats. We will provide the candles and a great jazz group – The Hungry Trio to entertain you. Come and enjoy the River at its best as the sun sets on Earth Hour.