Wildlife on the Cooks River

Here are 2 videos produced by Mudcrabs members that highlight some of our remarkable local wildlife.

Birds of the Cooks River
Below is the Mudlarks presentation delivered at the CRVA meeting on the 15th February 2022.
The Mudlarks is a group of Mudcrabs that conduct a regular survey of birdlife along the Cooks River. The group meets at 7am on the second Tuesday of each month and performs a 90 minute loop walk while recording species spotted, count and any nesting activity.
The group now has 3 years of observations and data and the presentation covers these.
It also includes a segment with some amazing birdlife photography by David W. Noble.

If you are interested in attending one of our regular bird surveys please take a look at the 2022 calendar for the schedule or send an email to mudlarks@mudcrabs.net.au

Cooks River Wildlife
This video was compiled by one of our Mudcrabs (Martin Puchert) and highlights how rewarding observing the wildlife along the Cooks River can be.
Martin shares his insights and approach – a highly entertaining and educational video.