Wildlife on the Cooks River

Here are 2 videos produced by Mudcrabs members that highlight some of our remarkable local wildlife.

Birds of the Cooks River
Below is the Mudlarks presentation delivered at the CRVA meeting on the 15th February 2022.
The Mudlarks is a group of Mudcrabs that conduct a regular survey of birdlife along the Cooks River. The group meets at 7am on the second Tuesday of each month and performs a 90 minute loop walk while recording species spotted, count and any nesting activity.
The group now has 3 years of observations and data and the presentation covers these.
It also includes a segment with some amazing birdlife photography by David W. Noble.

If you are interested in attending one of our regular bird surveys please take a look at the 2022 calendar for the schedule or send an email to mudlarks@mudcrabs.net.au

Cooks River Wildlife
This video was compiled by one of our Mudcrabs (Martin Puchert) and highlights how rewarding observing the wildlife along the Cooks River can be.
Martin shares his insights and approach – a highly entertaining and educational video.

Mudcrabs awarded Community Group of the Year

The fantastic work of the Mudcrabs – Cooks River Eco-volunteers was recognised by Canterbury City Council at their 2016 Community Award Ceremony. The Mudcrabs were awarded The Community Group of the Year for 2016.

Congratulations to all Mudcrabs volunteers for all of your efforts and committment.

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Premier Mike Baird asked to take ACTION on CDL

Mike Aldrige, who is a member of the CRVA and an active Mudcrab, took some photos of the thousands of bottles deposited onto the foreshore of the Cooks River, following the flash flood on 21st October. These bottles are only a fraction of the many thousands of plastic bottles that would have been washed out to the ocean after this flood.




Mike sent a copy of these photos to the Premier of NSW demanding that the State Government support the introduction of Container Deposit Legislation, as the most effective method of reducing the dumping of bottles into the Cooks River and our other waterways.

Read Mike’s email to the Premier by clicking here:


Click “Acknowledgement” below to read the reply Mike got from the Premier’s Office.


Cooks River Catchment Community Forum – Saturday 13 September 2014

The Cooks River Catchment Community Forum will be held on Saturday 13 September at Canterbury Public School (cnr Church St & Canterbury Road, Canterbury). Starts at 12 noon.

Keynote address will be by Dan Cunningham, from Sydney Water, looking at the current and planned works on the Cooks River. There will also be other displays, film, entertainment and activities.

You can register through cooksriverforum.eventbrite.com.au

Click on this link for more info.Cooks River Alliance Newsletter

Acknowledgement of Chris Bartlett’s contribution to Cooks River

A plaque acknowledging the significant contributions of Chris Bartlett to the rehabilitation and re-vegetation of the banks of Cooks River has been erected by Canterbury Council in Rosedale Reserve. This is the place where Chris began his work on the River and where the fledgling Mudcrabs first started to realize Chris’ dream of re-vegetating the banks of the Cooks River with indigenous plants. The plaque is fitting testimony to the vision of an inspirational man who will leave a permanent legacy on the Cooks River.

Vale Chris Bartlett