Cooks River Valley Association

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Cooks River Valley Association

Rosedale Reserve, Croydon Park


Access is via the pedestrian/cycle path half-way between the Brighton Ave and Burwood Rd Bridges, and via the footbridge at the end of Beamish St. Campsie. Car access is via Hampton St or Riverside Rd, Croydon Park. Meet at the change rooms near Riverside Rd. This is the first re-vegetation site the Mudcrabs started in early 2000. Our aim is to develop a mixed canopy of native shrubs and low growing trees, with relatively open areas planted with a variety of grasses and rush-like plants. A lot of work over time has produced a great stretch of native bushland along the river, which provides a food source and wildlife habitat for native birds, animals and insects.

The site needs ongoing maintenance and care.

Rosedale Reserve
17 Riverside Road
Croydon Park, NSW 2133

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