Mudcrabs Landcare Sites

The Mudcrabs are currently working on 11 sites along the Cooks River (from Tempe west to Canterbury).

The sites were selected because they showed good prospects for regeneration (some remnant native vegetation) or were candidates for the re-establishment of native plants.

We were fortunate to have the input from very experienced environmental scientists and botanists. Their input continues to be invaluable as new sites are initiated and the older sites evolve into representative mature bushland.

We are lucky to have the an extensive riverside area that is allowing for the re-wilding of our urban environment to the point where we are seeing mature examples of Cumberland River Plain areas that are starting to support the re-emergence of native animals (Wrens, King Parrots, Whistlers, Tawny Frogmouths and many water birds. These birds are indicators of the continuing health of the river and the river side.

As you encounter these sites take a moment to check out what may be using these areas for food and breeding activity. The Mudcrabs will continue to monitor and manage these bushland remnants so get in touch if you would like to participate. No need to register just turn up at any of the scheduled working bees. There are tasks suited to all abilities and it’s a great opportunity to gain insight into the river and its bushland.

Site Map

List of Mudcrabs Sites:

Tempe Saltmarsh – Gough Whitlam Park
Thornley Street – Children’s Garden
* Marrickville Golf Course – Clubhouse
Marrickville Golf Course – 18th Tee
* Marrickville Golf Course – Wave Rock
Southbank – Earlwood
Foord Avenue – Hurlstone Park
Ewen Park
Boat Harbour
Sugar Mill
Cup & Saucer Creek Wetlands
Close Street – river clean-up site
Racecourse – river clean-up site
Rosedale Reserve – Bushcare

* = managed by Inner West Council