Missing Jigsaw Pieces

The Bushplants of the Cooks River Valley

This book is about plants, landscapes, history and people. Through photographs, original drawings and a lively text, we hope to present a broader perspective of the natural landscape of the Cooks River Valley. Despite the degradation of the last 200 years the Valley still contains much that is natural and of intrinsic interest and value (our jigsaw pieces).These features are vulnerable and need protection. Councillors, council staff, landscapers, bush regenerators and local people all have a part to play. Missing Jigsaw Pieces describes the main plant communities and illustrates at least sixty of the native plant species. A full list of about 600 species provides information for restoring some of these communities.

This publication by Doug Benson, Danie Ondinea and Virginia Bear has been reproduced as a PDF with permission from the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney.

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