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Survey about attitudes to boating on the Cooks River
In June 2018 members of Mudcrabs and CRVA were surveyed about their attitudes towards boating on the Cooks River. The results were presented by Barney Solomon in a public meeting of CRVA in June 2018.
The survey indicated positive attitudes towards human-powered craft, mildly positive or neutral attitudes towards electric craft, and mostly negative attitudes towards craft with internal combustion engines. Full results of the survey are here: survey results.

CRVA meeting venue
In 2018, general meetings will be held bi-monthly on the 4th Tuesday of the even months of the year (Feb, April, June, Aug, Oct) at the Canterbury/Hurlstone Park RSL Club
Address: Corner of New Canterbury Rd & Crinan St, Hurlstone Park.
Starting time:7pm.
All welcome.

The fantastic work of the Mudcrabs – Cooks River Eco-volunteers was recognised by Canterbury City Council at their 2016 Community Award Ceremony. The Mudcrabs were awarded The Community Group of the Year for 2016.

Congratulations to all Mudcrabs volunteers for all of your efforts and committment.



CRVA & Hon. Linda Burney (Member for Canterbury) takes the fight to state parliament to get the Cooks River cleaned up.
CRVA response to Hon. Linda Burney after presenting our petition (to limit raw sewage flows into the Cooks River) to NSW parliament: CRVA response
CRVA wins Highly Commended in 2013 Regional Landcare Awards.
The CRVA & Mudcrabs were awarded a Highly Commended at the Hawkesbury-Nepean Catchment Management Authority’s 2013 Regional Landcare Awards on 4th May 2013.
The Award was for excellence in activities that have contributed to the significant improvement of local coastal environments, including estuaries, wetlands & salt marsh ecosystems.

Congratulations to all volunteers for this well deserved acknowledgement of all your hard work.

John Butcher receiving Award

John Butcher receiving Award

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Greenpeace has just released this film in support of a National Container Deposit Scheme
Thank You to Gayle Adams!!DSC02744 (800x745)
Gayle Adams is taking a well earned rest.
Over the past years she has set up and managed the Water Monitoring program for the CRVA. This has involved training & co-ordinating 10 people taking water samples from different places along the River every month & testing the samples using Streamwatch techniques. Gayle then recorded and analysed this data.
Gayle also set up and ran CooksEye – the CRVA’s DSC02768 (800x600)pollution reporting program. Gayle demonstrated tenacity & determination in making relevant authorities (Councils, Sydney Water etc) take responsibility for and act on pollution incidents. She also ran a very successful campaign to make our River clean enough to swim in. This campaign resulted in a petition with over 1000 signatures being presented to Paliament and culminated in the very successful Non-Swimming Carnival Media Event in February. The executive of the CRVA and members of the water monitoring team held a small celebration at Ewen Park on Sunday 28 April, to thanks Gayle for her outstanding contributions to the Cooks River. THANK YOU GAYLE

Federal Environment Minister supports Cash for Containers at Cooks River 2012

Cash for Containers will Result in a Cleaner River


Mudcrabs at work on Clean Up Australia Day



Earth Hour 2013 – Candles on the River
The CRVA held a Candles on the River event on 23 March to celebrate Earth Hour. Over 200 people enjoyed the Hungry Trio’s jazz music while launching their paper boats with lighted candles onto the River just after sunset. Canoes & kayaks from the River Canoe Club managed the paper boats on the water and retrieved them at the end of the Event. A spectacular night.
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photo (800x236)
Cooks River Non-Swimming Carnival
Here is the link to the Harlem Shake performed at the recent Cooks River Non-Swimming Carnival (Feb 24th) – a media event organised by the CRVA to highlight the need for the sewerage infrastructure in the Cooks River Valley to be upgraded.
Postcard as pic_1


The CRVA organised Two Valley Trail Reconciliation Walks in September 2011 & 2012 in conjunction with Canterbury City Council, the Canterbury Aboriginal Advisory Group & the Wolli Creek Preservation Society.

TVT Rec 2011 (800x568)

Smoking Ceremony – 2011 TVT Reconciliation Walk


In May 2011, the CRVA’s work was recognised by the Sydney Metro Catchment Management Authority’s Regional Urban Landcare Group of the Year Award.

You can watch a video about the award here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1SiIRDOxMoo



Ewen Park Bush Regeneration Site

DSC02342 (800x451)

Ewen Park Working Bee

During 2009 and 2010 over 6000 local native plants were put in at Ewen Park along the river foreshore. Local residents joined the Mudcrabs and the Friends of Ewen Park to complete the plantings over an 8 week period. This site is now maintained by a monthly bushcare working bee.

For more information contact the Mudcrabs  mudcrabs.cooksriver@gmail.com or Friends of Ewen Park


Foord Avenue Bushcare Site

IMG_0482 (800x600) (2)

A ferny gully – Foord Ave

The Mudcrabs and the City of Canterbury have formed a partnership to regenerate the remnant native vegetation on the sandstone outcrop adjacent to the cycleway at Foord Avenue, Hurlstone Park.


If you would like to join in, contact  Liz Millen at: mudcrabs.cooksriver@gmail.com .This is an exciting project that is really starting to show great progress. On site working bees every month.

Richardson Reserve (The Warren)

Following a recommendation from the Mudcrabs, Marrickville Council developed a bush regeneration plan for Richardson Reserve. The Mudcrabs are leading the local community in actively supporting this initiative.


Richardson Reserve – Marrickville



Rosedale Reserve Bushcare

For the past 10 years, the Mudcrabs have been working on reconstructing a significant area of Riverside land, just west of Brighton Ave Canterbury/Croydon Park. This is now a large tract of revegetated bushland with some exciting birds & fauna taking up residence. Monthly working bees occur at Rosedale Reserve.


RosedaleRegen 26.5.07 018 (800x600)This is how Rosedale Reserve looked in 2005.



Rosedale & Liv4.6.09 011 (800x600)


This is how it looked 5 years later



For more info contact Joy Berville at mudcrabs.cooksriver@gmail.com



CooksEye – CRVA’s pollution reporting program


Many people show concern when our River is polluted by dumping of toxic material. If you see any more suspicious pollution incidents particularly dead fish or unusual discharges from drains [eg heavy flows in dry weather, milky or coloured water] please do the following:

1. Take photographs if possible.
2. Ring Department of Environment and Climate Change 24 hr Pollution Line 131 555
3. Ring the local Council
4. Send an email to info@crva.org.au
5. Put a note in your diary [date, time, tide, odour, colour, number and species of fish, etc].


In late 2008 The City of Canterbury Council approved a Plan of Management for Ewen Park which includes 2 new mini soccer fields, provision for community facilites and a cafe in a building to replace the former Sydney Olympic Sporting Club. The Plan of Management will be implemented over several years. The CRVA continues to play a role in negotiating the full implementation of the Plan of Management, in particular the building of a community meeting place and café on the eastern end of Ewen Park.


The CRVA’s Streamwatch water testing group recently won an award under the Streanwatch Rewards and Recognition Program for the best Community Group out of 80 groups in the Sydney Water Streamwatch program.


The Two Valley Trail (TVT) Project continues and the website for the TVT is operational www.tvt.org.au. It is a fantastic website and well worth a look as well as a walk along the trail. The website also has links to the Two Valley Trail educational resource which is another outstanding project developed by the 5 community groups active in the valleys (WCPS, Friends of Ewen Park, RiverLife Tours, CRVA & Mudcrabs).