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Cooks River Valley Association

Gough Whitlam Saltmarsh, Earlwood


Meet at the main site, located near Gough Whitlam Park, Earlwood, near the pedestrian crossing over
Bayview Ave on the south side of the bridge. It is very close to Tempe Railway Station. This is a tidal
saltmarsh constructed by Canterbury Council in 2008. Salt marshes are very specific communities of
plants, animals and other micro flora and fauna. They are formed on the margins of the coast and tidal
rivers, in depressions which are subject to periodic flooding by tides. They are very important for the
maintenance of healthy eco-systems. There are two sites managed by the Mudcrabs. We have an
ongoing program of weeding and planting native shrubs to create an understorey to encourage birds and
other wildlife.

Gough Whitlam Saltmarsh, Earlwood
Bayview Avenue
Earlwood, NSW 2206

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