Weed Workshop

Draft- Summary: Weed Workshop – 2022

During 2022 The Mudcrabs ran a weed workshop focused on the primary weeds we encounter during our Cooks River working bees. The participants felt they gained a great deal of knowledge which will help with our rehabilitation efforts along the river. The workshop focused on developing skills in identifying the weeds we target on our bushcare sites and the techniques used to keep them under control.

Below is a collection of workshop photos by Farah that shows the typical weeds we target. They are considered the main culprits as they can rapidly get out of control and inhibit the regrowth of the local native species. It is important to identify the weed species we target at the working bees as each weed has a specific strategy for control e.g. removing flowerheads before the seeds can set (e.g. Turkey Rhubarb) or removing the entire plant if regrowth can come from other parts of the plant (e.g. Trad).