Pending Changes in Ewen Park


The Cooks River Valley Association has asked Canterbury Council to commit to the current Plan of Management for Ewen Park, by building a ‘community hub’ beside the river at Ewen Park.

This hub should include a clubhouse for the Hurlstone Park Wanderers Soccer Club as well as a multi-purpose building for the broader community, as specified in the Ewen Park Plan of Management (adopted by Canterbury Council in November 2008).

Council’s own Design Development Plan 2010 (as shown in the attached map) placed a “Multi-Purpose Building” (including a café) in this riverside location, and behind it a “Soccer Clubhouse”.

Canterbury Council is considering changing its agreed plan for Ewen Park.

We urge you to support the approved plan for a multi-purpose community space and a soccer clubhouse in the location of the former SOSC building, as already approved in the Ewen Park Plan of Management.

Please send us your comments (

Below is a section of Canterbury Council’s Plan for Ewen Park, developed in 2010. We want to see this plan implemented.